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Colour Splash Aurora (400g)


This is a medium height mixture, around a half-metre tall. Aurora is the ideal mix for soil with more organic material and nutritive mineral elements. It contains Sunbow Zinnia and Trianon Cosmos which provide more effective and long-lasting flowering.

Mixture Information

  • Annuals, 5 flowers
  • Sow: April-May, 2g/m2
  • Height: 0.5m
  • Germination: 8-10 days in the correct climate conditions
  • Flowering: Mid-June to early November
  • Packaging: 400g metal can or 4kg bag
  • Polka Dot Cornflower – Centaurea Cyanus
  • Sunbow Zinnia – Zinnia Elegans
  • Pacific Beauty English Marigold – Calendula Officinalis
  • Eschscholzia – Eschscholzia Californica
  • Trianon Cosmos – Cosmos Bipinnatus

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg



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