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Our Range of Grass Seed for Golf courses: Tees, Fairways and Greens

Top Seed offer a wide range of Golf course grass seeds that are guaranteed to keep your Tee, Fairway, Green and Rough turf surfaces uniform and attractive throughout the season.

In order to satisfy the needs of golfers today, it is of paramount importance to choose the best grass seed mixtures available. Seed purity, quality and vigour are the essential building blocks for success.

MM11 and J Green remain the popular choice in many cases and can be used from spring to autumn. Where it is difficult to maintain fescue in the sward or where levels of wear are greater. MM9 and J All Bent would be the preferred choice.

For golf tees, MM50, MM22, J Tee or J Rye Fairway are all excellent for fast recovery from divot scarring and high wear.

For fairways, use MM12, MM13, MM22, J Fairway, J Links or J Premier Fairway.

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